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Many insurance companies in the industry today are trying to commoditize auto insurance, making the consumer believe it’s all about the cheapest price. The Hargis Family Agency’s mission is to deliver our clients the most value for their insurance dollar. The cheapest auto policy on the market is always great until there is an accident. We will compare the best rates against the right coverage amounts, the policy’s fine print, claims paying experience, and available discounts. We will shop many companies on your behalf to find the lowest rates for you, while also making sure that after an accident the experience is remarkable.

As you consider all your choices, The Hargis Family Agency wants to ensure you get the right coverage at the best possible price. If your current company didn’t ask you about your assets that need protecting, then you could be at risk of not having enough coverage.

Here are the questions every customer should ask about their auto insurance:

• Do I have enough Liability Coverage to protect all my assets?

• Do I have enough Uninsured/Underinsured Liabilty coverage to protect my family if I am injured by someone without Insurance or with very low limits?

• Do I have Medical Payments Coverage to pay for injuries to passengers?

• Do I have coverage for a collision that is my fault?

• Do I have coverage for comprehensive loss like Theft, Fire, Flood and Hail damage?

• Do I have Rental Care Coverage if my vehicle is damaged in an accident?

• Do I have coverage for Emergency Roadside Assistance?

• What discounts do I qualify for now?

• What discounts can I qualify for in the future?

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