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Contractors General Liability 2018-12-19T17:12:03+00:00


Work related to contracting and construction involve very high exposure to risk and loss. Some contracting and construction businesses have storefronts that clients visit, and if a client gets hurt on their property they could be held liable for medical bills. Many contractors do work installing electrical, cabinets, plumbing, railings, etc. If that work causes physical damage the contractor can be held financially responsible. Contractors general liability offers coverage for injuries, work mistakes, accidents, and lawsuits. If someone claims that their business caused bodily harm or property damage, and they don’t have general liability coverage, they would have to pay for those damages out of pocket. Moreover, general liability coverage protects the business against legal fees that can easily bankrupt a small contracting or construction business, such as attorney fees, witness fees, court expenses, and more. General liability insurance can handle these unexpected expenses without jeopardizing their ability to stay in business. Contracting general liability covers claims brought against the company, and claims brought against individuals employed by the company. Ultimately contractors general liability protects the insured’s assets.