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The Hargis Family Agency will customize the coverage on your home to make sure there are no gaps. We will shop dozens of top rated companies to find you the best combination of coverage, price and service.

We will discover what contents you value the most, and make sure these items are fully covered because many policies have special limits on certain items like jewelry, silver, firearms, money, coins and securities.

We also do a replacement cost calculation to make sure that you can rebuild your house if it is totally destroyed by fire, storms or other perils. Replacement cost could be more that the current market price. If you are under-insured with another insurance carrier, you still pay your deductible, and then you will also have to
pay for the shortage in replacement cost if you want to rebuild your home.

Here are some great questions you need to ask about your Homeowners Policy:

• Do I have Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value on my roof? (If you have ACV then your out of pocket costs can be much higher than your deductible in the event of a roof claim!)

• Do I have Full Replacement Coverage on my home in case of a Total Loss?

• Do I have Replacement Cost Coverage on my Contents?

• Do I have enough Contents Coverage to replace all my belongings?

• Do I have special Limits on Theft of Guns? Jewelry? Silver? Coins? Computers? Cameras?

• Do I have coverage for Earthquake or Sinkhole?

• Can I buy a Flood Insurance Policy on my home?